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Our Story

George Peabody believed in the power and importance of education in the lives of others. One of his many legacies is the George Peabody Library, an institute he built for, and dedicated to, the citizens of Baltimore in 1857.

Johns Hopkins was inspired by his close friend George Peabody to use his great wealth for the public good. The collaboration between these men and the institutions they created is the inspiration for our restaurant, located within Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL.

At The Library, the familiar aroma of coffee, the promise of a delicious meal, and the anticipation of friendly buzz will offer a reprieve from the daily chaos. It is where the community as a whole comes to refill their cup, both proverbially and, often, quite literally.

In collaboration with the teams behind Oxford Exchange, Oxford Creative Studio, Oxford Design Studio, and Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, The Library Restaurant was created; we hope to honor our namesakes through this restaurant.

We will see you at The Library!

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Our Team

Arron LeCesne

Arron LeCesne  |  General Manager

Oxford Commons

Oxford Commons is a hospitality company built upon a foundation of dreamers and doers, with a mission to create spaces that foster fellowship, humility, exploration and curation.

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